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Our new light-emitting technologies

will help you stand out visually

from the crowd in modern, unusual and innovative ways.

Glowing fabrics woven from fibre optics.

We offer the brightest side glow optical fibre on the market.


Light-Emitting Technologies

Fibre optic glowing fabric visible in broad daylight for professional use.

Visual presentations, advertising materials and decoration.

Luminous fabric is woven from ultra-thin optical fibres, directly interwoven with man-made fibre.


The optical fibres are specially treated so that they can emit light along their entire length (laterally-emitting fibres). They are then connected to LEDs (concealed in the edging, at the perimeter of the fabric, or in rails), which “inject” light into the fabric. The glowing fabric is also available in Jacquard weave. It is water-resistant and washable (when not connected). Fibre optic fabric is as tough as standard man-made fabric. Luminous fabric can be folded in parallel to the optical fibre without any risk. Glowing fabric can be powered either by a 110/220 Volt mains adaptor for stationary applications or by batteries. Depending on the type of electronic module used, there can be different colours of light (RGB). Various colours can be combined within the same piece of fabric to create highly novel visual effects.

All sizes and colours – monochrome or RGB – DMX – remote control.


Suitable for lighting applications in the fields of lighting, advertising, safety, interior design, and others.


This fibre optic fabric is currently the most powerful on the market. It is visible in broad daylight.


There is a wide variety of applications, as follows :


Interior design layouts, decor for hotels, shops, shop windows, etc.

For shows, stage costumes, product launches, advertising, and so on. 

For event agencies, advertising agencies, PR firms, sign fitters and manufacturers, illuminated signage and corporate identities,

In fashion, theatre, film sets, advertising material, innovative and original packaging, etc.



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