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Our new light-emitting technologies

will help you stand out visually

from the crowd in modern, unusual and innovative ways.

Glowing fabrics woven from fibre optics.

We offer the brightest side glow optical fibre on the market.


Light-Emitting Technologies


MIDLIGHTSUN® is a pioneer in the new segments of decoration and design based on advanced light-emitting technologies : luminous fibre optic fabrics – the brightest side glow optical fibre on the market... (French patents).


When it comes to approaching the client or prospective customer for the first time, the shop window is the most important factor to consider when developing your business strategy.


Light is captivating...


Dynamic eye-catching advertising increases brand visibility.


Illuminated displays using LEDs, fibre optics or luminous fabric.


Illuminated displays SERVE marketing and advertising.


Our partners are visual artists, galleries, architects, decorators, milliners, set designers, engineers, landscape gardeners, designers, creators, and event, advertising marketing and design agencies, etc.

Some of Our Customers :

They have placed their trust in us...

So, why not YOU?

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